Seamless, simple and secure connectivity

Benefits Leverage the potential of the field level

Instead of analogue raw values, Perinet Smart Components provide information, i.e. physical quantities in the respective units of measurement. As a digital signal, these are forwarded via Ethernet and can be directly processed by virtually any data hub, whether locally or in the cloud. Embedded analysis and configuration functions allow signal pre-processing and generate smart data. In parallel, signal pre-compression enables the optimization of the data volume and, thus, the avoidance of cost-intensive data lakes.
Integration on the data, process and system level ensures holistic process digitalization through intelligent collective action, i.e. sensors and actuators can be combined into a virtual device by the application software at operational level and controlled in unison.


  • Small components due to integral, space-saving design
  • Significantly reduced number of components for Sensor2Cloud integration
  • Adaptable interface for different field-side signal types


  • Plug & Play system integration of field devices in just four steps
  • IP-based communication system for fieldbus-independent connection
  • Simplified cabling through hybrid SPE (for data and power supply)
  • Various network topologies for individual adaptation to requirements
  • Digital interface, fully compatible through Ethernet
  • Works with any IoT platform and any cloud provider


  • Data security by design through hardware-based end-to-end encryption
  • Wired components for interference-free use in any environment
  • Direct, persistent parameterization via interfaces at user and machine level
  • Competitive purchase price compared to conventional bus systems
  • Significantly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) for your Sensor2Cloud integration

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